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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Parking Information

Parking Lots/Designated Parking Areas

Parking Policy

It is mandatory for all motor vehicles parked on the Saint Paul College campus to use the controlled parking access system. Visitors may park anywhere in the lots and ramp except for marked reserved spaces. Vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces require a valid State-Issued Handicapped Permit. All violators will be ticketed.


All persons operating a vehicle on campus are responsible for being familiar with, and complying with, all traffic and parking regulations. A complete list of parking violations and parking policy may be obtained from the Office of Public Safety on the first floor. Saint Paul College assumes no liability for care of, damage to, and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while it is operated on or parked on the campus property. Possession of a parking access card neither reserves nor guarantees a parking space.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking is available in the designated parking area by the Kellogg Boulevard entrances. Visitors with motorcycles can park in the lower lot designated motorcycle parking area and use any exit at the Marshall Avenue or Concordia Avenue gates by paying the hourly rate when leaving. The cement motorcycle parking area is located to the left of the Kellogg Boulevard entrance in the lower lot.

No Parking Zones

  • Any restricted parking space without a proper parking tag.
  • Any handicapped space without a legally displayed sticker or license plate.
  • Fire lanes. This includes leaving room for a minimum of two vehicles to pass at the end of each row.
  • In front of any garage doors.
  • Any Right-of-Way areas. This includes the area north of the Truck and Fabrication Shops to allow for oversized vehicle maneuvering.
  • Any areas not paved or designated for parking. This includes sidewalks, curbs, and lawns.

If You Receive a Citation for a Parking Violation

Payment is to be directed to the Tuition Office and requires a copy of the citation. Payment is due fifteen (15) business days from the date the citation was issued. Checks are to be made payable to Saint Paul College. You may appeal your citation within fifteen (15) business days from the date the citation was issued. Appeal forms are available at the Public Safety Desk. The form must be filled out completely to be considered. If you fail to pay your parking citation(s), the fine(s) will be placed on your student record. If the ticket goes unpaid, a hold will be placed on your account and you will be unable to get a copy of your transcript or register until the fine is paid. Unpaid tickets will be processed through the college’s normal collection process and the debt may be submitted to Minnesota Department of Revenue for collection.

It is mandatory that all motor vehicles parked on the Saint Paul College campus use the parking access system to go in and out of the parking lot.