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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Network Administration Certificate

Location(s): In Person and Online

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Program Overview

Major ID: 298C

Program Start Dates: Fall, Spring, Summer

The Network Administration Certificate is designed for individuals who already have acquired at least a minimum level of technical computer skills, either through previous education, training, and/or experience. It is designed to enhance one’s current computer knowledge and skills.

Networking Specialists can work in a wide variety of jobs. The work could include purchasing, installing, configuring, administrating, and/or supporting. Some jobs in networking could include help desk support, user training, installing and maintaining local and/or wide area networks.

The student should have excellent communications and math skills. For the certificate programs the student is expected to have prior microcomputer and/or networking experience. They should exhibit qualities of patience, perseverance, and preciseness and be a logical thinker. The student should enjoy working in a team environment, and be able to work independently. All networking programs emphasize preparation for either the Microsoft Certified System Administration or Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Certification.

Career Opportunities

With almost every size company connected to some type of network, the jobs in networking have become the fastest growing jobs in the computer field. With companies networking to share resources and reduce expenses the networking specialist is an invaluable part of the new company structure. There is a wide variety of jobs in networking including installation, maintenance, training, managing and user support.

Graduates find excellent opportunities as Network Administrators, Network Support, and Certified Network Engineers in business, manufacturing, government and education. Jobs for Networking Specialists for all types of installations are found throughout the country with opportunities for excellent earnings and rapid advancement. Jobs include the following:

  • Networking Engineer
  • Network Help Desk Support
  • Data Communications Specialist
  • PC Network Administrator
  • Information Specialist
  • WAN Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • LAN Specialist
  • Telecommunications Specialist
  • Certified Network Engineer
  • LAN Manager

Program Outcomes

  1. Design, construct, and maintain computer networks.
  2. Install, configure, and maintain workstation based operating systems.
  3. Explain the OSI model.
  4. Troubleshoot hardware and software problems in a network environment.
  5. Install and configure basic host and network security.

Program Faculty

Mark Rawlings

Warren Sheaffer

Program Requirements

Course Sequence

The following sequence is recommended for a part-time student. Not all courses are offered each semester.

Total Semester Credits: 12

Total Semester Credits: 12

Total Program Credits: 24

Information is subject to change. This Program Requirements Guide is not a contract.

Minimum Program Entry Requirements
Students entering this program must meet the following minimum program entry requirements:

Reading: Score of 250+ or grade of “C” or better in READ 0722  or READ 0724  or EAPP 0900  

Writing: Score of 250+ on Reading Comprehension or grade of “C” or better in ENGL 0922  or EAPP 0900  

Quant. Reasoning, Algebra & Stats: Score of 250+ or Adv. Algebra & Functions: Score of 215+ or grade of “C” or better in MATH 0910  

Assessment Results and Prerequisites: Students admitted into Saint Paul College programs may need to complete additional courses based on assessment results and course prerequisite requirements. Certain MATH, READ, and ENGL courses have additional prerequisites.

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