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Catalog 2023-2024 
Catalog 2023-2024 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Music Associate of Fine Arts Degree

Location(s): In Person and Online

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Program Overview

Major ID: 99FA

Program Start Dates: Fall, Spring, Summer

The Associate of Fine Arts in Music provides students with the educational foundation needed to transfer to a four-year music program. The program will offer music theory and music history as well as develop performance skills.

Career Opportunities

Students who successfully complete the Associate of Fine Arts in Music Degree will be prepared to transfer to a baccalaureate program in Music. With a degree in music you can pursue careers as college or high school music teachers, music directors and composers, or musicians and singers.

Program Outcomes

  1. Graduates will perform in solo and ensemble settings on a primary instrument or voice.
  2. Graduates will analyze elements of music theory.
  3. Graduates will apply music theory skills via sight-singing and aural skills.
  4. Graduates will demonstrate proficiency in keyboard skills.
  5. Graduates will distinguish music by time periods, historical figures, styles, and genres in the Western Art tradition.
  6. Graduates will apply technology-based skills on platforms currently used in the music industry.

Program Faculty

Linda Chacholiades

Michael Krajewski

Michael Olsen

Program Advisors

Pathway Advisors are the Academic Advisors for the Associate of Arts degree and are located in the Advising Center, Room 1340, Main Floor. For assistance or additional information, please call our Advising Center at 651.846.1739 or email: advising@saintpaul.edu

Transfer Opportunities

Saint Paul College has transfer agreements & partnerships between many post-secondary institutions. For more information please go to saintpaul.edu/Transfer.

Program Requirements

All MUSC classes must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Select 8 credits of lessons in a primary instrument

Select 4 credits of ensemble music

Subtotal: 37 Credits

General Education/MnTC Requirements

Refer to the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) Course List  for each Goal Area

  • Goal 1: Communication 7 Credits

    ENGL 1711 Composition 1  - 4 Credits
    COMM 1710 Fundamentals of Public Speaking  - 3 Credits
  • Goal 3 or Goal 4 3 Credits

    Goal 3: Natural Sciences
    Goal 4: Mathematical/Logical Reasoning
  • Goal 5: History, Social Science, and Behavioral Sciences 3 Credits
  • Goal 6: Humanities & Fine Arts 3 Credits
    ARTS, ENGL, HUMA, PHIL, SPAN or THTR (recommended)
  • Goal 1-10 of the MnTC 15 Credits
    Students must select courses from at least six (6) MnTC goal areas.*

Course Sequence

Students should consult with the Program Advisor each semester. Not all courses are offered each semester; a selection of courses is offered summer term.

First Semester

Total Semester Credits: 16

Second Semester

Total Semester Credits: 18

Third Semester

Total Semester Credits: 17

Fourth Semester

Total Semester Credits: 17

Total Program Credits: 68

Information is subject to change.This Program Requirements Guide is not a contract.

Minimum Program Entry Requirements
Students entering this program must meet the following minimum program entry requirements:

Reading: Score of 250+ or grade of “C” or better in READ 0722  or READ 0724  or EAPP 0900  

Writing: Score of 250+ on Reading Comprehension or grade of “C” or better in ENGL 0922  or EAPP 0900  

Arithmetic: Score of 200+

Assessment Results and Prerequisites: Students admitted into Saint Paul College programs may need to complete additional courses based on assessment results and course prerequisite requirements. Certain MATH, READ, and ENGL courses have additional prerequisites.

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